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Workshop Registration Form

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Workshop Registration Request

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Terms And Conditions

We hereby declare our commitment: as measuring instruments maintenance workshop to:



1. comply with all regulations and rules and ordinances of QCC.

2. Provide service to whoever asks for in an effective, fair and transparent way with as soon as possible.

3. Not to maintain, repair or install unlicensed instruments.

4. Not to make any amendments to these instruments or to use spare parts unauthorized by the manufacturer, especially in the area that affect measurement result.

5. Not to provide the service in case there is a problem in used standards.

6. Not to put any sign or mark or to provide any documents that could make any confusion about measuring instrument type.

7. Not to cut official stamps or to remove, manipulate or help in manipulating metrological marks.

8. Inform the QCC about any cases discovered in measuring instruments that leads to inaccurate results or facilitates manipulation.

9. Providing permanent phone number.

10. If the workshop is authorized to cut official stamps or remove metrological marks, the authority should be informed about any maintained, repaired or installed instruments during the period of this authorization, within one week at most after the completion of process.