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Product Certification Details

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​Product Conformity Services

The QCC Conformity Scheme Services Department conducts two principle activities related to Conformity Assessment

Certification Scheme Development

 Certification Schemes describe the processes and requirements products and services have to comply with to become certified. Development of scheme Assessment and Surveillance Plans involve the following activities:
•Developing new product, personnel or system certification schemes on behalf of relevant Abu Dhabi regulator(s)
•Identifying and similar international product, personnel or system conformity activities and identifying best practices 
•Promoting product, personnel or system certification schemes in the Abu Dhabi community

Certification Issuance

 Products certified by QCC receive the Abu Dhabi Trustmark. The Trustmark is designed to communicate that a product, person or system conforms to various safety and performance standards that are set by Abu Dhabi regulators. Certification activities include:
•Assisting certification applicants
•Application review and technical evaluation
•Certified product surveillance of conformity

Consumer Safety Services

Consumer Safety Services Division is lunching several number of services to promote consumer's safety and enhance the confidence of the products in the Emirate which covers:
•Monitoring risky products to health, safety and environment in Abu Dhabi Emirate in order to ensure complying with the approved technical regulations locally in coordination with ESMA in compulsory conformity schemas.
•Taking random samples of products to be tested in accredited testing laboratories to check their compliance to safety standards.
• Issuing Trust Mark / Certificate for consumer products to ease on consumers finding the differences between complying or non-complying products to the technical regulations.
•Increasing the awareness among consumers to reduce using low quality products through the different media channels (Websites, brochures, involvement in conferences, etc)
•Developing database of injures and incidents caused by products to enhance interaction with consumers.
•Following recalled products locally and worldwide and ensure they are removed from Abu Dhabi Market.

Product Schemes

Technical Approval for Construction and Infrastructure Materials    
Abu Dhabi Certification Scheme for AAC Blocks    
Abu Dhabi Certification Scheme for EIFS    
Abu Dhabi Certification Scheme for High SRI Materials    
Abu Dhabi Certification Scheme for Local Produce    
Abu Dhabi Certification Scheme for UAE Flags    
AD Certification Scheme Dates and Related Products    
AD Certification Scheme for Breakfast Cereal Prod.    
AD Certification Scheme for Pasta and Noodle Prods    
AD Registration Scheme for Cosmetics & Related Prd    
Adhesives and Sealants Certification Scheme    
Air Handling Units    
Air/Water Cooled Chillers Certification Scheme    
Air-cooled Unitary Air Conditioners for Villa Projects in Abu Dhabi (Type 1a)    
Alcoholic Beverages Registration Scheme    
Biodiesel Certification Scheme    
Carpets and Hard Flooring Certification Scheme    
Ceiling/Wall Board Products Certification Scheme    
Childcare Products Certification Scheme    
Children Toys Certification Scheme    
Constructional Steel Conformity Scheme    
ECAS/EQM Certification of Cables and LV Wires    
ECAS/EQM Certification of Lighting Products    
ECAS/EQM Certification of Low Voltage Equipment    
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment    
Emergency Management System, Public Address System    
EQM Certification of Bottled Drinking Water    
Exterior and Interior Paints Certification Scheme    
Exterior LED Luminaires Certification Scheme    
Fan Coil Units Certification Scheme    
Glazed Window/Door Systems Certification Scheme    
Groundwater Meters Registration Scheme    
Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Coil and Sheet Scheme    
Household electrical appliances Certification Sche    
Indoor and Outdoor Play Equipment Scheme    
Insulation Products Certification Scheme    
Interior & Exterior Building Materials & Finishes    
Interlocking Concrete Pavers Scheme    
Lamp & Related Products Certification Scheme    
Low Voltage Switchgear Conformity Scheme    
Ozone Friendly Air cooled Unitary ACs    
Ozone Friendly Air Cooled Unitary Air Conditioners    
Plastic Pipe Systems used for hot/cold water    
Polyethylene Plastic Pipes Certification Scheme    
Precast Concrete-Insulated Sandwich Masonry Blocks    
Precast Concrete-Insulated Sandwich Panels    
Pre-Insulated Water Tanks Certification Scheme    
Recycled Crushed Aggregate Certification Scheme    
Registration of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment    
Registration scheme for PrePackaged Cement Product    
Registration Scheme for PrePackaged Cement Product    
Solar Hot Water Collectors Certification Scheme    
Solar Hot Water Systems Certification Scheme    
Solar PV Systems Certification Scheme    
Synthetic Grass Turf and Rubber Crumb Infill    
Technical Approval of Innovative Products    
Water Fixtures Certification Scheme    
Water Flow Rate Regulators Certification Scheme    
Window Safety Fixtures Certification Scheme    
Wiring Devices Certification Scheme